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CARGO 2014: Asturian fisherman discovers our “Message in a bottle”!!

CARGO 2014: Asturian fisherman discovers our “Message in a bottle”!!

Exactly one year ago, the photographer Daniel Nouraud and the musician Alejandro Barcelona departed to American coasts to participate in “Cargo 2014” project. It was built within the idea of allowing artists to work in unusual circumstances to stimulate their inspitarion. In Cargo 2014, artists were working in a big container ship living with seamen. The result of this work were presented in artistic residencies, exhibitions, concerts and video-projections at “La Porte Maubec”, “L’Horizon” and “La Sirène”.

On their way back to Europe, Daniel had the idea of throwing one bottle in the middle of the ocean with a message inside: “If you find this bottle, write to lhorizon17@gmail.com”. Last September 14th, we were surprised to receive an email from someone living in Asturias (Spain). He told us having found the bottle near a stream. Adventure continues!! We take this opportunity to say: We anounce our next project “Cargo 2016” in Senegal!

Here we show you the testimony of Carlos García Puente:

Last Sunday, some friends and I decided to enjoy a fishing day. We woke up early to go near a cliff 100 kilometres away from our house. When we arrived, we went down a steam through the rocks to find a good place to fish.

At the end of the day, we wanted to take some pictures of “our captures” all placed along a big rock. As they were a bit dirty, I looked for something to put water inside and wet the fish. Not too far from there, there was a place with some bottles lying. I randomly took one and when I opened it with my knife, I saw a small roll of paper inside. I took it, I unrool it and… “Caramba”, a message!! As there was an email adress writed down, I did not hesitate to write immediately.


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