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“Sound dramaturgy” project with Jean-Paul Quéinnec

“Cartographies de l’attente”, with Jean-Paul Quéinnec

“Sound dramaturgy” project at Chicoutimi, Montreal and Bogota

Jean Paul Quéinnec, dramaturge and member of L’Horizon, is now working for the project “Cartographies de l’attente”, which is linked to the “Chaire de Recherche du Canada” in sound dramaturgie.

Next dates: from June 4th to 6th at l’Université du Québec in Chicoutimi.

Synopsis (in french):

This project started by a total immersion in a motel in Chicoutimi (Québec), where four actresses in four seperate rooms were awaiting a visit..
In a fifth room the writers and brains behind the project follow them through the means of a web network
From the same starting point , four different stories are set up and deployed in real time and on the net , this first experience of action and contact develop in different stages (Chicoutimi, Montréal, Bogotá) and also in layer form, one overlapping the other
The sound and performance trail of the written piece brings us to another avenue of theater and gives us a new ,virtual installation of the stage

Andrée-Anne Giguère, Élaine Juteau, Anne-Marie Ouellet, Claudia Torres.
The team:
Jean-Paul Quéinnec, Guillaume Thibert, Pierre Tremblay-Thériault, Alexandre Nadeau, Chantale Boulianne, Valérie Essiambre, Justine Boulanger.


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