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Artistic residency in Madrid of the theater company “Toujours à L’Horizon”

Artistic residency in Madrid of the theater company “Toujours à L’Horizon” from La Rochelle


After a first residency at L’Horizon last January, the theater company “Toujours à L’Horizon” (composed by several artists from our collective “L’Horizon” like Claudie Landy, Eric Chaussebourg, Titi Patarin, Marie-Claire Vilard and Gilles Rondot), has just carried out a new artistic residency to prepare the play “J’attendrai” (by José Ramón Fernández) in Madrid. That was possible thanks to the collaboration of the “Kubik Fabrik” and the “Cross Bording Project” company, managed by Lucía Miranda.

Here you have a small description of this residency by Claudie Landy, stage director:

Thanks to the rehearsals with the author José Ramón Fernández, the transator André Delmas and the set designer Gilles Rondot, we could move forward on the staging of the play.

Several meetings took place with Lucía Miranda, stage director of “Nora 1959”, to share and discuss about our respective work. We presented two times some extracts of “J’attendrai” and of our work about the Spanish Exile at “Teatro María Guerrero – Centro Dramático Nacional” and at “Kubik Fabrik”.

We will finish our creation in Brioux sur Boutonne next January 23rd, but before that we will have new artistic residencies at Saint Georges de Didonne and Royan next November.

The “Nora 1959” project, by Lucía Miranda, is a work based on documentary theater. It speaks about the role of the woman during Spanish Franco’s dictatorship and it will be presented at L’Horizon next December.

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